About Us

Seedone has always dedicated itself to becoming our clients’ globalization partner.

Now more than ever, everyone lives in a truly internationalized world. However, language barriers, unfamiliarity in differing business practices, and clashes in between cultures have created countless difficulties for many South Korean companies that have tried to enter international markets. Foreign companies that have the desire to enter the South Korean market have also suffered from lack of market information and human networking as well as unexpected challenges stemming from Korea-specific business practices, institutions, and regulations. And this is exactly why Seedone focuses on developing solutions to these problems.

Seedone consists of competent interpreters and translators who have received Master’s degrees from prestigious graduate schools of interpretation and translation, have professional knowledge, and connections from their previous careers, which span IT, mobile, energy, health care, finance, public relations, engineering, fisheries, software development, gaming, and much more.

Members of Seedone are committed to helping you go global and enter South Korean markets and are unswerving in our commitment to seek out the best strategies for your company.